Get connected to a personalized feed of events and happenings around you! Discover, experience, and live life to the fullest with the Vicinities app!


    Vicinities gives you a personalized insight into your surroundings, allowing you to discover events wherever you are.


    Do the things you love. See what it really means to experience life through meeting new people, going to incredible places, and doing amazing things.


    Get a taste of what it is really like to live life to the fullest! Make the most of your time on this awesome earth of ours!


    Our Team

    Learn more about how the Vicinities team collaborates to deliver events in your area specifically catered to your interests.
    Roger Mao
    Roger Mao
    Marketing, Strategy, Organization
    Cyrus Saadat
    Cyrus Saadat
    Cloud Computing & Backend Design
    Sohum Thakkar
    Sohum Thakkar
    Android Developer
    Chris Oh
    Chris Oh
    iOS Developer
    Steffen Cornwell
    Steffen Cornwell
    Data Analysis & Algorithm Developer

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    • Happy Anniversary!!!

      I can’t believe it, but just 1 year and 4 days ago, to this date, we had the Articles of Organization filed for a Vicinities LLC. This company, this talented group of people, was officially born. To celebrate this occasion, we all did something extremely fun… Work. The fun never stops here, and though we […]

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      Finding Events on Social Media

      With all the various social media platforms, people are increasingly looking for local events and happenings, using them to connect with friends. A relatively new feature in Facebook, events discovery, now enables users to view a better feed of events happening in major cities around them. Users can search through this feed, optimizing by categories […]

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